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5 tips on how to make small bathroom look more spacious

Marion Rosenfeld

Especially in apartments bathroom space is rather limited and therefore challenging design wise for most home owners. With this 5 simple tricks listed below we’ll show you how to create optically bigger and eye pleasing space, even from the smallest bathroom.

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1. Lighter is wider

Keep color scheme of your bathroom ceramics in lighter range of shades. At least for walls and ceiling use color that’s as close to white as possible, and for both use the same shade. Floors can be darker, simply out of practical reasons – the dirt is less noticeable.

The space is also optically enhanced by cooler shades. However your own wishes must also be taken into consideration when furnishing. If you feel that you won’t feel comfortable in a room where cold shades prevail, rather decide for a compromise. Choose a creamy, off white or ocher shade that is warmer but also bright at the same time.

2. Mirror, mirror on the wall

When you’re shopping for a new mirror  – frameless one is the best choice for a small bathroom, since frame more noticeably separates one wall from another. Keep it as large as possible, you can also use more of them in your bathroom. Place mirrors where the feeling of greater depth comes in handy – for example behind light source, by creating another window by placing mirror next to or across from the real deal or  glue mirrored tiles to the front of your cabinet fronts to reflect the world around. You can also try placing a large floor mirror behind a furniture in tight spaces . It’s a good idea to look for a tarnish-resistant coating to protect against high-moisture conditions.

3. Lighting

Effectively lighting a bathroom can be tricky. Small rooms and tight spaces can make it challenging when it comes to placing sconces, ceiling lights, and even light switches. Not to mention the bathroom needs to accommodate a variety of tasks that require different types of lighting. Plenty of natural light is always the best, but if that’s not the option you must provide appropriate artificial lighting to increase the space as light bounces off the illuminated surfaces. There should be at least two light sources; basic one for the ceiling and the other more directed one next to the mirror, but layering your light sources will give you greater results.

4. Bathtub vs. shower cabin

More than a bathtub, which visually delimits the space – designers recommend installing shower cabin. The cabin glass should be translucent and frameless, as the frosted surface already creates some fullness, while clean glass allows you to look further.

But if you like to take a bath, you will probably opt for a bathtub rather than a cabin. In this case follow as many other tips as possible.

5. Keep it tidy

You’ll achieve the feeling of bigger, more spacious room by simply tidying up and keeping visible elements organised and minimalistic. It’s a psychological effect. The space looks bigger if surfaces are empty and clean lines can come to the fore.

Of course, the things we need needs to be put away somewhere. It is wise to think in advance how much storage space would realistically come in handy and where you would need it most. While shelves visually increase space of your bathroom, this effect will diminished if they’re full and cluttered. In this case, It is better to opt for the cabinets, such as cabinet under the sink. The space will work larger if it does not reach the floor. Such seemingly floating elements again create a feeling of depth.