7 tips for arranging a children’s room

Marion Rosenfeld

Every child wants a cute room that will offer him a place to play and learn, as well as pleasant refuge in the world of imagination. Children’s room must follow his wishes and needs, but above all it must be arranged in such a way that it is practical.

This means it’s easy to take care of it with as little effort as possible – not only in terms of tidying up, but also in terms of future rearrangements. As a child grows, we can expect that his needs will change, which means that some adjustments in the future will be necessary in the room as well

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Table of Contents

So how do you arrange a children’s room so that it’s beautiful to look at, pleasant to stay in and at the same extremely flexible? Here’s few tips to answer your questions.


Sometimes we do not have the opportuinity to provide each child with their own room, because the living conditions do not allow us to do so. So room is shared by two children or sometimes even three. How to give everyone feeling that they have their own space or a safe corner in the room?

You can easily divide a room in half with an »invisible line« that clearly tells which part belongs to one child and which to another. Thus they are also in charge of tidying up their own part. They also need to know it’s not appropriate to invade each other space when it’s not desirable – and that this border will be even more noticeable when there is no desire to play together, either by a curtain or a  Spanish wall or some other movable object, which you can also remove. This way, children will always be aware of the privacy that’s available to them.


The arrangement of a children’s room is most successful if we divide it into corners during planning. Sleeping corner, learning corner, playing corner and wardrobe corner.

Sleeping area – bed with bedside table, a light, a bookshelf and plush toys should be moved to the farthest part of the room, away from the door, so nothing will disturb child while resting.

Study area –  desk and comfortable chair, as well as shelves and drawers with school supplies and books. It’s best to place this area near window so that  light falls on the desk from left side ( for right-handers).

Play corner – can be anywhere, even in the middle of the room, on the floor. Just make sure there are enough boxes and shelves for storing toys nearby to avoid clutter. For older children, you can turn playing area into a corner for relaxation and creativity – you can add armchair where they can read, listen music, play games…

Wardrobe corner  – this corner should have a wardrobe for clothes and shelves for cometic accessories. Keep in mind teenagers will require quite amount of storing space in this area.


We can no longer live without tehnology, so it’s necessary to think about this even when it’s time to arrange a chil’s room. How much of modern tehnology will be available to the child? You’ll have to decide if computer will be placed in their room (or rather in some other room) , same goes for television, game consoles and alike. You’ll have to decide where to draw the line or how much control over the use of electronics you’ll want, that’s up to you. Just make sure television for example is placed in the right position – so child can watch it rather from an armchair then from the bed, so he won’t watch it until he falls asleep.


Children often want a themed room that will satify their world of hobbies and activities. The thematic arrangement of a child’s room can be quite simple and easy, as usually only a few small »props« and a wall sticker are needed to achive it. Wall stickers can completely change mood of the room for a good price and they are easily removed,  giving child fullfiled and at home feeling. You can even place them on the ceiling!


Every room also needs something alive, at least a lush green plant that will bring some nature into it. Plants brighten the room and at the time they provide cleaner air. Your child can take part in choosing which plant they want and later in taking care of it. In addition to plants, pets are also a good idea – an aquarium with fish, some exotic pets or a furry ones, such as hamsters. They’ll require more work then plants tho, so make sure you clearly agree on the rules.


You should provide enough drawers, lockers and boxes to avoid clutter all around. Plastic crates that fit under the bed or are designed to sit on are great solution for storing toys. Also don’t forget to place a trash can and a dirty laundry basket into child’s room – there’s no reason for dirty clothes to lie on the floor.


Instead of throwing old, grown out furniture out of the room and buying new pieces, try giving it a new purpose. For example you can turn changing table into a beauty table for older child. Same goes for the crib – why not changing it into small reading couch with comfy pillows? The carousel that once spun teddy bears over the crib can be remodeled into the planets of our solar system or glass starts, throwing nice reflection onto the ceiling.  With some creativity it’s possible to transform everything you don’t need anymore into something else, interesting and useful.

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