Bathroom trends in 2021 – inspiring design ideas

Marion Rosenfeld

We usually begin and end our day in bathroom. Although it’s often the smallest space in our home, it is thus one of the most important ones. The smaller it is, the more attention needs to be put into practicality first when furnishing. Decoration should also have it’s purpose (mirror, lamps, shelves..). But that doesn’t mean you can’t consider at least some of the trends that can serve you as inspiration.

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Table of Contents


Gray used to be number one pick when it came to trendy bathrooms, it was usually combined with white – a typical bathroom color. But trends for 2021 calls for darker shades, so using black color is becoming more common and popular. It can be used as an accent color, or you can go bold all the way and choose a black toilet, faucet, or even tiles to represent higher percentage of color palette in your bathroom. Increasingly modern are black walls, but if you’re keeping black as  detail accent try black fittings. With addition of black color your bathroom will be anything but boring. It’s such an easy way to make the whole space more dramatic. Of course both black and gray, can be combined with white or wood, another modern bathroom element.


If you combine black and white with gold – your bathroom will not only look dramatic, you’ll add instant luxurious feeling to it. Copper color also makes for an interesting choice. Long gone are the times, when it was only reserved for faucets and accessories, now you can add pop of shine to your bathroom with copper sink or bath. Compared to the more common and quite sterile silver, gold or copper has a warmer effect.


With modern technologies that made it possible to use wood in rooms with higher level of humidity, wood became popular option to create an atmosphere of greater warmth in the bathroom. Of course such an effect also depends on the chosen color of the wood. In any case, the growing fashion of using wood in our homes  in recent times is associated with a growing awareness that contact with nature improves our well-being. As a result, other natural materials, such as stone, have also become modern. Decorating with plants has been popular for ages and still remains big trend,  bathroom included.


Everything is not just white, gray, black, beige or brown, in 2021 color accents are appearing more and more. But which accent color to choose? With green for example you can find contact with nature again, blue is supposed to have particularly calming effect, yellow brings a sense of optimism. Colors have proven effect on our mood and well-being, however they do not affect everyone equally. Expose yourself to different colors and see how each affects you – in addition imagine yourself exposed to this color every day. Are you sure you won’t get tired of it? If you’re in doubt, try choosing an item in this color that is not difficult or expensive to replace, so you can test it’s impact.


2021 brings us huge comeback of pink shades in bathrooms, pink is becoming more and more sophisticated choice. Increasingly common are pink walls, cabinets, even bathtubs. In any case a bathroom equipped this way will not go unnoticed.


Mirrors are practical but also can be extremely decorative piece in your bathrooms. In recent years geometric shapes have been popular, but new trends brings asymmetrical shaped mirrors into the game, combined with smart technology – no matter the shape – it’s possible to have a mirror that doesn’t go blurry. How practical, right? No need for shaving foam trick anymore.


With the development of waterproof wallpapers, you can safely bring patterns into your bathroom. This is a great way for you to decorate and add unique touch even to the smallest bathroom space. But pay attention to avoid adding wallpapers to the walls that are in direct contact with water (for example walls next to the bathtub or shower). If you don’t have wood or houseplants in your bathroom, you can decide to bring touch of nature with botanical themed wallpapers that have been trending for quite some time now and won’t go away anytime soon. Same goes for retro patterns. By using wallpapers other elements can be classic yet your bathroom won’t go unnoticed.

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