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Best L-Shaped Desk For Home Office

David Kent

  • An L-shaped desk is an entrepreneur’s best friend, especially in home offices with limited space.
  • High-end desks feature better build quality, feel more sturdy and are more joyful to work on.
  • The Bestar Prestige Plus is our pick for the best L-shaped desk because of its build quality and attractive design.

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The number of people working from home is on a rise and the recent pandemic has made the number grow even faster. In fact, the number of people working from home at least once per week has grown by over 400% in the past 10 years. At the moment nearly 4% of the U.S. workforce works from home at least half of the time.

Experts believe that the number of people working from home will continue to rise and manufacturers of home office equipment couldn’t be happier about it.

What are the benefits of having a L-shaped office desk?

Saving space

When working in a crowded or small office, an L-shaped desk is a great way to use the space to the fullest. It can fit into corners and is extremely versatile because it can be placed with the desk portion to the right or left. If there are several people working in the same office, the L-shaped desk can form a cubicle and save additional amount of space.

Increased productivity

L-shaped desk provides enough space to multitask without the need of moving the office chair left and right too much. Depending on the type of work, one portion of the desk usually has the space for mouse, keyboard and monitor while the other portion is used for papers, invoices and pens. The possibilities with L-shaped desk are virtually unlimited and everything is within a hand’s reach.

Cost effective

L-shaped desks have the same amount of space as two separate desks. While most of them are slightly more expensive than a single straight desk, you would need two straight desks for the same amount of space.

The best L-shaped desks in 2021

Quote from the expert

"If you do a lot of computer work, consider investing in an "L" shaped desk, with your computer and keyboard tray on the small side of the "L." This gets your computer out of the way and ensures you have plenty of work space when you need it." -

1. Bestar PRO Concept Plus – Modern L-Shaped Executive Office Desk with Pedestal

L-shaped desks are available in several styles, so it’s impossible to pick a clear winner that will suit everyone. But if you’re looking for a simple but quality built desk that will complement the minimalist design of your home office, the Bestar Pro Concept Plus takes the cake.

The L-shaped Bestar is a minimalist desk available in two different color options; white & deep gray, and deep grey & black. The unit measures 71.1 in W x 68.9 in D x 29.7 in H which is just enough for a workspace of a single person.

It’s made of laminated and high-density particle board with a melamine finish. The desktop is 1-inch thick which means that it’s sturdy and resistant to scratches and premature wear. The Bestar panels are made of recycled wood and comply with North America’s highest standard regarding formaldehyde emissions (CARB Phase 2).

Functionality and storage

This desk features two grommets for wire management, a compartment with three drawers, and square metal leg in matte silver finish. The drawers are on ball-bearing slides allowing smooth and quiet operation without annoying sounds you might get from worn out drawers. The top two drawers are standard in size while the bottom one is larger and can hold a laptop or other electronics you might need for the road.


The unit comes with lifetime warranty on any component that is defective in material or workmanship.

  • Pros: Elegant look, minimalist design, sturdy construction, lifetime warranty, free shipping
  • Cons: Only two color options available

2. Bestar PRO Linea – best with hutch

When a minimalist and simple L-desk isn’t enough and you need more compartments for storage, the Bestar PRO Linea with hutch might be one of your best options. Available in

Available in white and walnut grey options, the Bestar PRO Linea is an attractive desk appropriate for a single user. It features timeless design and has enough storage compartments for most micro home offices.


Functionality and storage

Credenza features one utility and two drawers. Both drawers are much wider than standard and the utility is large enough to hold documents, a personal computer, or even a smaller printer. There is a shelve under the credenza that is wide enough to store a notebook, a laptop, or a briefcase. The hutch doesn’t have much space for storage since there’s a single shelve on the very top of it.

The legs of the unit feature levelers. If the floor has any irregularities, the desk can be stabilized with ease.

Other features

The unit comes with a lifetime warranty and free shipping. Although the unit comes ready for easy assembly, the parts are heavy and you might want to get some help to make it easier.

  • Pros: Elegant look, minimalist design, sturdy construction, lifetime warranty, free shipping
  • Cons: Not much storage in the hutch
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