Brighten up your home with pastel colors

Marion Rosenfeld

Pastel colors are percieved by many as not enough elegant. But in reality, if used correctly they can look chick, fresh and charming. In addition they are a great choice if we want to have a feeling that home is our refuge. Colors without a doubt have a profound effect on our well-being, pastel shades have a calming and relaxing effect.

When you are picturing pastel colors in your home, you may first see an interior in which really strong pastel shades predominate. This may work well in pictures, but when you’re furnishing your home, it is better to be a little more restrained with pastel colors.

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Table of Contents

Don’t overdo it with pastel colors

If you want your home to look elegant, choose lighter pastel shades. This is especially important when you decide to paint your walls in pastel shades. It’s easier to add pop of pastels with accents or details. We’re not just talking about those you can change with seasons – think Easter or spring time. You can have pastel colored lights, one pastel armchair as focal point of the livingroom or even just a pastel bread toaster to pop out in your kitchen. It’s enough to have two elements of pastel color in one room – for example add pastel kitchen cloths to match up your pastel bread toaster. In an otherwise rather simple, neutrally furnished interior, this is a way to quickly and easily turn it into more interesting and eye cathing space. This can be a great solution in rented apartments, where it is not possible to make major interventions, but you would still like to feel as if the home is at least a little »yours«.

You can use a stronger pastel shade to spice it up, but…

If you decide to have, for example, a sofa in a pastel color, everything else should be limited and kept on neutral color shades. Furniture should also have a classic and minimalistic lines as possible. Pastel colors go well with white and light wood. You can also combine them with more massive furniture of a darker color, but in this case you need to choose a pastel color for something less striking, such as bedding, blanket or pillows. Do not combine with dark solid wood furniture a light pink sofa, it will be as saying goes »a pink elephant in the room«.

You can combine them with more vibrant shades

If you want a more vibrant interior, you can combine bright, almost pale pink with a more vibrant pink, you can even play around with neon pink shade. However a lighter pink shade should predominate the space, while more lively and vibrant shades are there as an accents.

You can add warmth with pastel shades

If you have a whiter and grayer interior, it can quickly look sterile and cold. To make it look warmer and more homey, pastel accents are great solution. A little of appricot will immediately »soften« the space and make you feel better in it.

Great with »shabby chic« interior style

This is a style in which wooden pieces and other furniture bits are either chosen for their appearance of age and signs of wear and tear, or where new items are distressed to achieve the appearance of antique. You can either buy them or make them by yourself. There is a lot of white shades used in this style and that is why pastel shades are added for that soft, opulent, cottage style feel.

Paint a piece of furniture by yourself

Why not, for example paint white chairs into pastel mint or blue color that will go lovely with your white dining table? Or why not add some fresh life to your old coffee table by turning it into apricot stunner? Would you like to spice up your interior? You can easily do a lot just by choosing your colors wisely.

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