Furnishing your home with black color

Marion Rosenfeld

Have you gotten to the point where you’re tired of white walls and you are thinking about bolder decisions? How to furnish your home so it won’t end up looking boring, how to beautify it and revive it at the same time? Many homeowners avoid black in fear they’ll turn their home into Addams family mansion – a dark, gloomy place with negative energy surrounding it. But black can be and is rather elegant and decisive color and it will definetly bring dramatic changes you are aching to see in your home.

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Dark shades accompanied with the right accessories will give your home modern, refreshed and luxurious feeling. The combination of dark walls with light fabrics and metallic elements can bring a wonderful ambiance into your home. Some homeowners go even bolder combining dark on dark – if you own a home in area where there’s abundance of sunny days all year round, that’s  good option to take into the consideration. Certainly, the latter choice is not for everyone so most will decide to combine dark and light.

Living room and dining room

Black walls fit perfectly into living and dining room. If these two rooms are equipped with lighter furniture and a brighter choice of decor, they will also come to the fore even more. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, black does not create melancholic atmosphere and bad energy, but simply is opposite of white. With the right choice of contrast and balance you will achieve the effect you want – be it with bright bookshelves, white paintings or a bright dining table and sofa.


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Be Bold! Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t consider dark colors on walls. It fills the space leaving little need for decor and allows you to create dramatic dynamic effects. So…we did it again! Black Venetian Plaster Suede adorn the walls of this beautiful loft. Niche wall at bedroom dripping in luxurious Silvered Espresso plaster wall finish, done by yours truly. This client will surely rest easy, surrounded with depth and beauty. And you know what they say, Once you go black…..? ??? Please stop by my new page @specialtyfinisheslab and Tag a friend who would love this. #cmichael #specialtyfinisheslab #specialtyfinishes #venetianplaster #loft #luxurywallfinishes #designerwalls #customwalltreatments #newyork #tribeca #walls #bedroom #blackbedroom #interior #interiordesignnyc

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Bedroom is usually area where we usually choose lighter shades as we are sure they will calm us down and help us fall asleep better. But contrary to this popular belief, black does not have negative effect on us and our rest, even thought we associate it with negative connotations. As with all other colors, your choices are endless, just make sure you create an ambience that is relaxing and does not make the space look cramped. Solutions is always in the contrast!


In the kitchen dark elements and dark walls come into play only if we have enough light available. If we do not have the right lighting, both natural and artificial, if we do not have a light floor and a light ceiling, the dark elements in the kitchen will only further narrow the space, which at least in the kitchen, no one wants. Choose a modern combination of woods, tiles, opt for natural materials, consider monochrome fixtures…


In your bathroom you can replace white surfaces with black walls or patterned ceramics, bathroom is also probably the only area of your home that can be completely black, because due to the metal elements it will not end up looking dull or cramped. If you are tired of seeing mostly white toilets, showers or bathtubs – why not replacing them with black ones in your home? This will certainly give your bathroom modern and edgy feel, but have in mind – keeping it all shiny and clean will require more cleaning from you.

Color psychology is still a fairly new branch of psychology, and as such is still doesn’t carry much research that could sufficiently confirm the effects of colors on our well-being. Nevertheless, psychologists are supposed to be able to confirm that colors definitely trigger certain feelings and emotional reactions in us. In our culture black is often associated with the symbolism of mourning and death, so people tend to stay away from it. We have selected a few examples of interior design for you, where you can see for yourself that black can make rooms feel elegant and aesthetically perfect – if it’s in the right measure and balanced properly.

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