KOHLER Wellworth Review

Last updated: October 19, 2018

Despite the fact that the Kohler K-3948-0 Wellworth has been on the market for over 5 years, it offers a number of features for the money and it doesn’t cost a fortune like many modern and advanced toilets.

It looks elegant and sleek, and it’s equipped with Kohler’s Class Five flushing system that provides a powerful flushing performance. Check out the rest of our review down below and find out whether it’s appropriate for your needs and budget.

Top features

  • Two-piece design
  • Class Five flushing system
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Dimensions: 31.6 x 18.2 x 28.8 inches


  • Low water consumption (1.28 GPF)
  • Modern sleek
  • Elongated bowl
  • Comfort height
  • Watersense certified


  • The toilet seat is not included in the package
Table of contents

Let’s start the review with saying that we’re huge fans of Kohler. The company has been around  for over 140 years and they have made a tremendous impact on the toilet market. They own several patented technologies and if we were to answer the question what’s the best toilet company in the world, we would say that the Kohler is right up there with the best of them.

With that said, the K-3948-0 Wellworth has been on the market for several years, but we have no doubt that it still offers a lot for the buck.


The K-3948-0 Wellworth is a two-piece toilet which means that the tank and the bowl are two separate items fitted together with fittings. This makes the toilet less visually appealing than one-piece toilets and needs more cleaning because the area between the tank and the bowl is a perfect hiding spot for bacteria and germs.

But despite the fact that the Wellworth is a two-piece toilet, we believe that it looks elegant and modern. It can fit great in many modern bathrooms, but it probably isn’t a perfect choice for homeowners with traditionally designed bathrooms. If you are looking for a very similar Kohler toilet with traditional design, you might want to check out the Kohler Memoirs.

Class Five flushing system

The K-3948-0 features Kohler’s Class Five flushing system and it uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush which is less than the federally-recommended 1.6 gallons.

How does it compare to older 3.5+ GPF toilets?

If you have an older toilet that uses 3.5 gallons of water everytime you press on the flush button and you use it 10 times per day, you can save over 8000 gallons of water by replacing it with Kohler Wellworth.

Less used water means less flushing power, so the toilet manufacturers had to improve their flushing technologies in order to create efficient toilets. The Wellworth is equipped with AquaPiston technology. There’s a large canister valve that’s able to flush down more water at once which results in less water needed to create a powerful flushing force.

Features of Kohler K 3987 0 Wellworth toilet

  • It is a two piece toilet
  • It has an elongated bowl which offers more comfort


Although the Wellworth has been around over 5 years, we believe that it will stay on the market for at least a few years. It looks elegant and its flushing system is powerful and efficient even by today’s standards.