Simple and budget friendly home renovation

Marion Rosenfeld

Each of us wishes we could afford major renovation of our home, but we’re either short on time, money or both. With small, simple steps and fresh details listed below, you can achieve big change of your living spaces and start with your renovation today without excuses, even though you have neither the time or finances.

Shall we?

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Table of Contents


Something as small and seemingly insignificant as curtains can actually give the room a unique touch. Whether you choose a different shape, a different color or simply add certain accessories to your old curtains,  will significantly change the dynamics of the space.


Few things update your space more dramatically than a couple coats of paint. Embrace a pop of color on accent wall, make a statement with a painted ceiling or do a makeover of your furniture with new color shades. While you’re at it, go around your home and provide quick paint touch-ups anywhere that existing is peeling or chipped.  Just keep in mind when it comes to painting, it’s important that you choose right type of material and pick your colors wisely.


Have you ever changed doors in your home? Then you know that they are also a very important part of the interior. Do you currently have a dark brown door? Don’t like the hook or is it worn out? Try replacing it. You will bring freshness to the space just by painting the dark door white or replacing dull brown handle with shiny grey or minimalistic black. The same goes for the holders or fronts of different cabinets around your home.


Wallpapers have recently become an extremely popular part of interior decor, as they are practical, extremely easy to bring into the room and at the same time to get rid off once you get tired of them. You can add them on just one, accent wall or all of the walls – just make sure you pick the correct pattern so they’ll fit nicely in.


Have your ever heard of stucco? Especially in the renaissance they were popular, an almost necessary addition to every room back then and today they have re-entered the world of interior decor. More and more people are opting for them, as they add a very special and unique charm to the walls and space itself.


Enlist a few family members or friends to help you move stuff out of the way, then rent a home shampooer to bring your carpets and fabrics of your furniture back to life. Most professional, industrial machines takes less then 20 minutes to do a room, so in an hour you can have three rooms of freshly cleaned rugs.


Lighting choices and make or break a room’s deign mood. Changing one chandelier for another of the same size is surprisingly easy, same goes for replacing your outlet and switch covers with clean new ones.


As you’ve probably noticed we don’t need big steps for big changes. The very change of pillows in your living room, the change of the color of decor, adding more plants,  or simply the fact that you bring in or get rid of the old heavy carpet, significantly affects the mood of space and consequently also affects our well-being. For small changes in the home that are not small at all, you don’t even need a lot of time, much less a huge amount of money. Try it!

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