The most luxurious bunkers for the richest

David Kent

What is the first thing that comes through your mind when thinking of an underground bunker? Most likely it’s a depressed image with a lot of steel, concrete, candles and endless supplies of canned food and suffering. But the truth is that today’s modern bunkers couldn’t be more different from their 20th-century counterparts.

The bad news? 7-figure price for the entry-level models.

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Underground bunkers were quite popular during the Cold War. They were usually built by governments to protect people and valuable things against consequences of war because regular houses weren’t quite successful against nuclear bombs. But as soon as presidents Bush and Gorbachev shook hands in December 1989, the interest for underground bunkers went down the toilet.

However, as the world is burning, the interest is growing again. In fact, the general manager of Rising S Company, a company that specializes in constructing bunkers and shelters, said in 2016 that there has been a 700% increase of interest for their services in a single year, and even 300% more up to 2020.

And since the recent COVID19 pandemic is increasing the possibility of worst case scenario, Gary Lynch said the company phone has been ringing 24/7.

The new generation of bunkers is designed to last several generations, no matter what’s happening above the ground. They have their own water cleaning systems, hydroponic garden and are even energy self-sufficient.

Still doesn’t sound luxurious enough?

The most expensive bunker sold by the Rising S Company, the Aristocrat, costs a whooping $8.38 million. It has everything you could expect from a luxurious house of your dream; a gym, swimming pool, sauna, hot tub, billiards room, greenhouse a garage and even security system in case the apocalypse comes in a form of zombies taking over the world.

While the Aristocrat is nothing short of impressive, it’s nowhere near the most luxurious bunker that’s ever been on the market and available for private residents.

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