Toilets with the most amazing views

Marion Rosenfeld

While traveling around the world and staying in countless hotels, the last thing we remember are toilets. The toilet has to be clean and hygienic, and with as little signs of use as possible. However, there are toilets that offer unforgettable and amazing views that none of us would ever forget. Some are located in the middle of cities and some in the middle of nowhere. Toilet tourism might actually become a thing in the near future. Why not?

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Table of Contents

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Let’s start with the world’s tallest restaurant in the world, the At.Mosphere in Dubai. The restaurant is located on the 122th floor of Burj Khalifa tower and has one of the most amazing views in the entire Dubai.

Highest toilet in a restaurant in the world. At.mosphere Restaurant @ Burj Khalifa, Dubai from toiletviews

Indianapolis, Indiana

Air traffic control jobs are hard and require a lot of responsibility. But at the end of the day it’s all worth it for a view like this.

Bathroom in the air traffic control tower at Indianapolis Int’l Airport from toiletviews

Ledakh, India

Ledakh is a region in North India with a lot of beautiful mountain slopes and valleys. This particular toilet belongs to the Thikse Monastery located about 10 miles east of largest city in Ledakh.


Ladakh, India. from toiletviews

Sapporo, Japan

JR Tower Observatory T38 is the highest, 38-floor building in Sapporo Japan that offers the most amazing view in town, even from the public bathroom.

Spectacular view from the JR Tower Observatory T38 in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan [bowl in comments] from toiletviews

N Seoul Tower Korea

This toilet is located in the second tallest building in Seoul, Korea and offers view that is nothing short of spectacular.

this amazing view on N Seoul Tower in South Korea from toiletviews

PCT Washington

Sometimes the toilet is nowhere near of being high-end with advanced features. But it makes it up with a view from heaven.

On the PCT in Washington, credit to /u/Standing_Room_Only from toiletviews


Another heavenly view. This time with a plastic soft-close seat.

I think this takes the cake from toiletviews

Impressed? There’s actually an entire community of over 7000 enthusiasts who share the love for toilets with amazing views on Reddit – /r/toiletview.

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