Top 5 Worn out interior trends we got tired of in 2020

Marion Rosenfeld

Every year new trends appear in the field of interior design and decoration, some are quickly forgotten, others are retained and remain with us and in our homes for many years. But there comes a time when we get tired of them too. Which of course doesn’t mean they can’t still be a source of inspiration for you, afterall everyone should arrange their home in their own way and likings.

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Table of Contents

1. Inspirational captions

We’ve seen this trend so many times, it became part of majority of living rooms and bedrooms, even bathrooms… When something becomes trendy it’s suddenly present everywhere – and so it happens we can even buy toilet paper with inspiring words printed on it.

Why not replacing inspirational captions with original artwork?

If you don’t have a thick  wallet, you can find young, talented artists who are at the beginning of their journey. Supporting their work will mean a world to them while you’ll get a unique piece for your home, one with a story and a face behind it. Flea markets are another way to find interesting pieces of art at the modest price. Or maybe you have artistic streak yourself, internet is full of tutorials for DIY projects, now is your chance to express yourself in a original way. You can even create your own inscription, one that has a special meaning for you, not something we’ve already drink our coffee from, seen it or napkins or notebooks.

2. Rustic style

In such style you can arrange a renovated old barn or a mountain cottage, but when an apartment in the middle of the city is decorated in rustic style – it might seem we’re trying to turn our home into something that it’s not. Perhaps this very pretense has gone out of fashion, and simplicity with respect for the environment in which our home is located at,  are increasingly valued. This doesn’t mean you should avoid rustic elements completely, it rather means you should pick them wisely. Forget about untreated wood, unpainted floors, solid furniture – and rather go for natural materials and colors.

Replace it with a more personal style that takes the surroundings into the account.

You don’t have to blindly follow a specific style or trend. If you don’t live in a refurbished industrial facility, you don’t have to furnish according to industrial style, if you don’t live in Scandinavia, your apartment doesn’t have to be a perfect copy of the one you saw on Instagram and stands in the middle of Stockholm. Because the weather is gloomy and darker in the North they use a lot of bright colors to bring some light into their homes. But if you have nicer weather, with plenty of sunshine peeking through your windows – you can easily go for darker shades. You see it’s all about contrast. Of course elements of certain style can serve us as an inspiration, rather than a rule we blindly follow – for example use clean Scandinavian lines. In the end listen to yourself and create a shelter that reflects your taste and is at the same time ideal for your lifestyle. Also consider where you are and what are you surrounded with; in the Mediterranean environment, for example, you will hardly find huge windows that are typical for Scandinavians, as they pose a problem during the summer heat, which is not present in the North.

3. Shabby chic

Another trend that’s been considered extremly popular for a certain period. Best known for it’s gravity towards furniture in softer colors (white and all sorts of pastel shades) and worn out, well used look to it – even on a brand new furniture. Combining floral patterns, lace and everything we associate with a traditional, feminine style. But all good things must come to an end, right? Shabby chic is, when it comes to new trends, forgotten and replaced.

Replace it with bohemian style

Bohemian style, similar as shabby chic, uses a lot of floral patterns as well, but by no means focuses only on elements that are considered traditionally feminine. The bohemian style is very eclectic, fun and non constrictive, allowing the use of a wide variety of influences. It’s often associated with vintage elements, but you don’t have to include those if you’re not a vintage fan at heart. It’s essential to use different influences, styles, materials, textures and colors and bringing them together – how and which is up to you. In the beginning Bohemian style focused much more on the retro aspect and had restrictions or »rules« to it as most other styles do, but it was retained perhaps precisely because it began allowing much more freedom in decorating. If it used to be complete opposite of minimalism, today it can even be combined with the latter. You just have to find middle ground that works for you and your home.

4. Accent wall

Another trend saying a rather loud goodbye to us – accent wall. For a long time designers often suggested that we should paint only one wall in the room with bolder color or use a wallpaper with a more striking pattern on it. Not anymore!

Replace accent wall with four identical walls

New trends welcome all four walls in bolder color or more striking patterns. In this case wall itself is decorating element and should be the only decoration – which can be practical if you are not a fan of dusting. You can also opt for the middle ground, choosing a less striking color or wallpaper with a less daring pattern.

5. Cheap furniture and decoration

As fast or instant fashion became popular, it became fashionable to change furniture and decorative elements in a flash. But such mindset is not ecological or enviorment fiendly, new trends are all about awareness, pushing forward respect for the nature as important value.

Replace with respect for quality crafted, handmade furniture

In the long-run you may even save money if you opt for quality crafted pieces that will last for many years. Not only do you show respect for the enviorment with this, we have began to appreciate far too little a masterpiece that requires years of practice and deserves fair pay.

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