Types of bathtubs for your bathroom

Marion Rosenfeld

While most people prefer to take a quick shower instead of luxurious bath – the experience of taking a soothing bath, with a glass of wine or a good book after a long day can’t be replaced.

There are different categories of types of bathtubs, one category is experience the bathtub offers and second is focused on shape and size of the bathtubs. In this article we’re going to take a closer look at the basic types and shapes of bathtubs for your bathroom.

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Table of Contents

1. Alcove bathtubs

Perfect for tighter spaces, smaller bathrooms and most friendly option if you’re on a budget. Alcove tubes are also the easiest to install and all about maximizing your space. They come in predictable sizing: standard width is 20 to 50+ inches, while length for an alcove tube is 60 inches – but some can range from 53 to 73 inches. Alcove tub is also the easiest for cleaning and maintaining, offering high function and practicality. But there are also some downsides; alcove tub requires wall or tile surrounding, hence why it must be situated in relation to walls, only the front has an apron so it can be positioned in only one direction. It can also feel a bit generic – but for some additional expenses can be decorated to achieve a high-end luxury look.

2. Free-standing bathtubs

Free-standing bathtubs require a large bathroom, they also tend to be more expensive then alcove or drop-in tubes, with steep prices starting from $2000 to $5000+. But with it’s striking visual impact, free-standing tub can elevate your bathroom design and because of their versatile styles ranging from traditional to contemporary,  you can find one that fits perfectly into your bathroom. If desired tub can be placed close to the wall or in the center of the room. Free-standing tub may be easy to clean when situated in the center, with a lot of space around it, but if placed near the wall cleaning can be quite challenging task as there is not enough space to reach all points of the tub. Such tub may also be impractical for children, elderly population or those with disabilities due to its high walls. The weight of free-standing tube can represent possible issue for your bathroom flooring, causing floors to buckle over time if not properly checked before installing.

3. Built-in/ Drop-in bathtubs

A drop-in bathtub, also known as platform tub or deck mounted, is a shell that fits into a prepared deck. Installation is more challenging since this bathtub requires you to have a carpenter build a deck or peninsula that adjust into the room. The tube is then installed into this pre-made structure. Drop-in tubes needs more space than alcove tubes and are also more pricey. But they unlike alcove tubes give your bathroom more polished, luxurious almost spa feel. There’s plenty of room on the sides to storage of your shampoo bottles, books or candles, and their deep soaking functionality is great for relaxation – but similar as with free-standing tubes – getting in and out can be challenging particularly if the build-in tube is deep and has high walls. Build-in tube dimensions depends on shape you choose (there are triangle, rectangle and deep-walled shapes available on the market).

4. Corner bathtubs

Corner tubes are large, triangular in shape that fit into the corner of your bathroom.  They are rather expensive, use a lot of floor space and a lot of water volume to fill them. The bigger is their capacity, the longer time it takes to fill them up. Corner bathtub is less about getting clean and more about restoring, relaxing and having a spa like experience right in your own bathroom. That’s why they usually come equipped with bubble and whirlpool features, for those with achy joints and arthritis such hydrotherapy offers great relief from chronic pains.

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